Vanguard LifeStrategy™ Funds

Whoever you are, whatever your situation there is a portfolio for you. Our online investment portal offers excellent fixed asset allocation portfolios built using Vanguard’s index funds.

Designed to meet a range of investor profiles

Each Vanguard LifeStrategy™ Fund is spread across diversified portfolios of equities and bonds, designed to match your risk-return requirements, giving you simple to understand portfolios or allowing you to have a core investment around which you can build bespoke portfolios. The way the fund works, with sub-asset allocation targets, allows for diversification and broad market exposure, reducing risk.

How you will benefit?

Broad diversification

Maintains your exposure across all key sub-asset classes, allowing you to participate in the stronger-performing sectors while mitigating the negative impact of weaker-performing ones.

Cost effective

A fund-of-funds structure, built using Vanguard’s low-cost index funds and benefiting from Vanguard’s economies of scale. This means that these funds deliver a sophisticated core investment at a relatively low cost. You will also benefit from FOL Wealth’s Personal Finance Portal.

Automatic rebalancing

Removes the risk of drifting from a target asset allocation, which could lead to portfolio risks that are not aligned with your risk and return objectives.

Low maintenance

Provides exposure to a consistent mix of equity and bond investments. This gives a low-maintenance investment solution, allowing us to focus on other areas of financial planning on your behalf.
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